Allen Guilmette
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2009 · Solo Exhibition
Postminimalism – Bending The Rule
Togonon Gallery, San Francisco ·

1994, 1998, 2000, 2006 · inSite · Patron / Participant
Multi-national exhibition examines the cultural, socio-economic and political distinctions between San Diego and Tijuana. Directed by Michael Krichman and Carmen Cuenca

1976 · New York Avant Garde Arts Festival
Charlotte Morman’s Flying Cello and Trapeze, Directed by Jim McWilliams, Shea Stadium NY, NY

Education · University of Hartford, Hartford Art School, BFA

Common Knowledge Deconstructed, Selected Works by Allen Guilmette 1976 - 2008 are available for exhibition and/or purchase. Detailed rationales and other works are available upon request.

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